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    💦 stinktank

    what would be your ending line if you were wesley willis for a song? mine would probably be "baked beans of a pizza? Strange but deliciously true"
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    thunderskull ultimate battle thread 4 insane fighters 2

    lol just remembered there used to be a guy who kept editting the wikipedia page for spartn total warrior to talk about how spartans were mean an d we shouldnt play with them anyway I think punisher 2099 would have the most hardcore nightmares out of everyone so far so i hope the final is him...
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    profile !!non-racial pr}%{file!!

    idk i searched for planet explosion gif i think it was originally more brown though
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    he gets his power, from hell
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    ☠️ aaaaaaaaaaaa

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    profile You have entered The Caklemaster's Lair

    rad sanctum op
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    💦 everythings cooler in space motherfucker

    when you think about it a black hole not in space is just a normal hole so this checks out
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    😀 spinal thread

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    ☠️ This forum gave me a seizure

    i dont think we have the gurf rating anymore so i dont know what to do
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    if they stood on household scales they would justy break them and make a hole and the hole would be a gateway to hell
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    scorption-bear hybrid
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    🕯️ It's WAR!!!

    looking forward to spetzsnaz psyop systema skeletons on my side next skeleton war
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    insane clash i wonder if the elephant guy will ever reach full weight