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  1. death

    thunderskull demon'z

    still cant believe mikhael was a demon damn
  2. death

    🧝 insane metal screams

  3. death

    💦 cool new disease ideas

    stepping into some fuck off leprousy before i kick the wimps and posers outta the hall!!! heavy metal!!!!
  4. death

    ☠️ hi

    yo bruda jus chillin hanging out on the mund
  5. death

    💦 cool new disease ideas

    rated skull grown from bones
  6. death


    epic digimons saving the best for last, this fucker right here: GUNDRAMON :uzi::uzi::uzi::uzi::uzi::uzi::uzi: hes gonna fire all of his guns at once and explode into space!!!
  7. death

    🤖 the Future of Hate

    im gonna add some more explosions to it later but rn im making it so the tower is badass even on your shitty disgusting futuristic devices your fucvking phones, watches, fridge and whatever fucking crap people use to browse the internet in this fucking diseased dystopian future hellscape crock...
  8. death

    ☠️ I likea listen to heavy metal reg metal big metal

    metal is the gayest thing ever basically it fucking rules
  9. death

    ☠️ I likea listen to heavy metal reg metal big metal

    born to be wild as fuck
  10. death

    👹 sick doom mods

    rated grenado
  11. death

    😀 my thread for talking with fuck

    yo fuck u ever see the movie versus theres 666 portals to the dark side, the movie is about the 444th portal: the japanese zombie portal it starts off a bit slow but the main guys power level triples when he steals a trench coat from a corpse it has a lot of cool and funny moments i think youd...
  12. death

    🎮 Badass gaming moments

  13. death

    🤖 the Future of Hate

    ok 4 some fuckn reason xenforo coded the editor to depend on html elements containing the logo of the site fucking goblin coding, the site is just waiting to spontaneously combust anyways il go fix it now
  14. death

    🤖 the Future of Hate

    wtf lol i updated the logo and now the tower is falling apart need to strengthen the tower with my HATE
  15. death

    🤖 the Future of Hate

    nice, nearly finished now
  16. death

    👺 monster truck idea

    monster tank
  17. death

    👹 sick doom mods

    heres a really cool doom campaign that a guy i know made its a bit unfinished so you may have to cheat some ammo or health when pickups are lacking in lvl 2 but theyre absolutely great maps (needs gzdoom)
  18. death

    👹 sick doom mods

    basically really crazy doom mod im playin right now
  19. death