single wielding sucks, dual wielding owns
imagine dual welding. your boss would love you if welding was your profession,otherwise he's probably get angry at you for burning down the office. the lesson is be your own boss.
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Collector of Skulls

LEFT HAND: A clawhammer with a skull embossed on the head, so that when you crush someone's skull it will leave a mark in the shape of a skull

RIGHT HAND: For all those sneaky motherfuckers who keep their distance: A custom made Desert Eagle engraved with skulls that shoots explosive bullets to shatter their skulls from afar

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half machine, full demonskull
when youre dual wielding and encounter a horde of single wielders
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The Neosaur
nice of those guys behind him to just stop attacking
Haven't seen a single mention of triple-wielding
Fucking Pathetic
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