THUNDERMUND every sunday 19:00 UTC


cool update on obliteration mode
killing a fucker when youre not a fucker yourself now makes you 15% faster (stacks cumulatively) until you die
terminating a fucker makes you 20% faster until you die

cool video about obliteration and terminating fuckers:



cool thundermund tonight

im thinking about an achievement system for the mw3 server where each mode has an achievement you can get which gives you a cool extra emblem with your callsign
ninjas: get an honourable ninja win
john woo: win getting the last kill while in mid-air (idk if i can detect this, should look into it)
terror: destroy each objective atleast once
obliteration: 50 kills with barrels and vehicles or something like that idk
african gungame: idk yet
african roulette: win with atleast 50 kills maybe
killionaire: idk yet
skullmund: win with each different weapon type maybe