Badass gaming moments
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the most skullmund game ever made, there is a character named skullcrusher and mercury is so cool he turns into a monster meatgrinder

another one, there is so many mortal kombat clones

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a lot of those are really cool but they arent as funny as when the ninja shouted "reverse harikiri"

Imo this is the badass gaming moment of the year, this is how you make a video game trailer
also the game looks sick, i like cod more but this time battlefield looks better, that map with the sand tornado is impressive


The Neosaur
mang those ukraniums are good at building atmosphere. and that battlefield footage where they just run right up to the rocket as its launching, completely invulnerable to the concussive destruction reminds me of that part in contra 4 where you ride the rocket into space and bakc down without being killed